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Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell & Battery Research Test Solutions

Teaching kits are now available from Pragma Industries and PalmSens.


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The PalmSens Educational Kit is designed as the core of an Electrochemistry course, lab class or similar Electrochemistry teaching event. It includes experiments, teachers manual, student work book, potentiostat, cells, electrodes and ancillary items such as stirrers.  These are also available separately.


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Pragma Industries offers a range of 3 educational packs for use by educators and students wishing to learn about fuel cells. Each pack includes hardware kit, notes for teacher, classroom slide presentation and student experiment book. The packs allow the users to observe water management inside the transparent fuel cell, and to gain an insight into fuel cell operation by the control and monitoring of the key parameters associated with fuel cell performance. These Fuel Cell Packs are designed for demonstration, communication and education in higher education and universities.