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Ivium Technologies

New Ivium CompactStat.h: 24 bit measurement, 20-bit generation, high performance, low noise, USB-powered potentiostat with EIS, bipot and true linear scan in a compact package. femtoamps to 800mA. 10V to 100V


IviumStat / XR / XRi / XRe: As above but to 10Amps & 50V with 8MHz EIS.  


Ivium-n-Stat: Modular system. Each module is a functionally independent potentiostat / galvanostat / EIS with current ranges from 1pA to 5A.  



MultiWE32: 32 channels of simultaneous measurements.


Accessories and Modules: A comprehensive range of multiplexers and boosters, amplifiers, signal conditioning, cables & connectors.