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High Precision Coulometry

Novonix has expertise in materials and cell testing, focusing strongly on the use of High Precision Coulometry for lifetime evaluation of lithium-ion cells.


Novonix’s High Precision Charger provides industry-leading low noise and high accuracy source and measurement electronics, catered to making precision measurements of coulombic efficiency.



Cell Testing



The CTS system is optimized for testing large amounts of single cells. The maximum charge and discharge current is 5A. The automatic and dynamic current range selection allows testing of small button cell up to Laptop cells with this system.

Click here to view the CTS datasheet.


Ivium Technologies


OctoStat Stack

Scribner Associates


Scribner 585
Scribner 585
Scribner 580 Stack

Module & Pack Testing

Electronic Loads

Nanjing Jartul Electronics


Jartul Electronic Load


Dual Cell Holder
Dual Cell Holder
Coin Cell Holder
Coin Cell Holder