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CTS, CTS LAB and CTS LAB XL – Cell Test Series

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The key features include:

Bring battery testing to the next level with BaSyTec’s industry leading CTS series. Up to 32 channels in a small form factor with up to 5 A and temperature monitoring on each channel. Outstanding safety features and the most flexible test plan design on the market make the most demanding battery experiments an ease.


The BaSyTec CTS series is optimised for testing high quantities of single cells. The maximum charge and discharge current is 5A (CTS and CTS LAB XL). The automatic and dynamic current range selection allows testing of small button cell up to laptop cells with one system.


Like all BaSyTec systems the system hardware is programmed using BaSyTest software. Once the program is running the PC can be disconnected (intentionally or not) and the system will continue to operate and collect data using internal buffers on each channel. The system can run for prolonged periods in this way and is only limited by the amount of data being collected. All data is automatically synchronised back to the PC once a connection is re-establish.


CTS Datasheet pdf_60x45

CTS Standard – Specification

CTS LAB – Specification

 CTS LAB XL – Specification

CTS Series (all models) – Specification