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C-3 Cell Stand

The BASi® C-3 Cell Stand is a general-purpose accessory for electroanalytical experiments. It firmly holds all the components of the electrochemical cell (vial, electrodes, top) and provides a convenient means of stirring and purging the analyte solution. All functions can be controlled manually or remotely by the epsilon EClipse electrochemical instrument. The package includes a glassy carbon and a platinum working electrode and all accessories needed to conduct basic electrochemistry experiments.

The cell can be enclosed in the included Faraday Cage to minimize electrical interference. A built-in gas control allows purging or blanketing of the sample prior to or during analysis. The magnetic stirrer allows controlled agitation of the sample for experiments requiring convective mass transport of analyte to the electrode surface (e.g., anodic stripping voltammetry). The cell arm with detachable cell top allows easy access to the electrodes for rinsing, cleaning, or replacement. The stir motor/cell vial base pivots for easy removal and replacement of the cell vial.

C-3 Cell Stand Manual


  • Manual or remote control of gas purge/blanket
  • Manual or remote on-off control of magnetic stirrer
  • Cell lead connects directly to all BASi® potentiostats (other potentiostats may required modification of the cell lead)
  • Low-volume glass cell vials (typical volume 3 mL)
  • Mounted cell top compatible with all BASi® solid voltammetric working electrodes and reference electrodes
  • Open architecture for easy access to cell
  • “Quick-connect” input gas line connector
  • Faraday Cage included to reduce environmental noise (for low current measurements)
  • Optional water-jacketed cell vial
  • Standard accessories package:
    • Glassy carbon & platinum working electrodes
    • Ag/AgCl reference electrodes (+ storage vial)
    • Platinum auxiliary electrode
    • PK-4 working electrode polishing kit
    • Standard glass cell vials (12)
    • Low-volume cell vials
    • Stir bar
    • Cell lead clips
    • Gas line tubing


Inlet Gas Pressure:
5 psi
2-2A Slow Blow at 100-240 V
100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
11.5″ H x 7″ W x 9″ D (29 x 18 x 23 cm)
10.5 lb (5 kg)

A complete C-3 Cell Stand Package is available (EF-1085). Some replacement parts for the older C-2 Cell stand are still available: MF-2031 Replacement sample chamber, MR-1207 Voltammetry glass cell vial, MW-4130 Pt wire aux

Ordering Information

EF-1085C-3 Cell Stand Package
MW-2980Cell Stand Accessories (package less Cell Stand)
MR-3818Teflon Cell Top
MF-1208Cell Vials, 12/pkg.
MF-2079RE-5B Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode, 3/pkg.
MF-1084Low Volume Cell Vials, 6/pkg.
MR-1212Water Jacketed Cell Vial
MF-2062Non-Aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode
MF-2055Calomel Reference Electrode
MF-2011Silver Voltammetry Electrode, 1.6 mm diam., 1 ea.
MF-2012Glassy Carbon Voltammetry Electrode, 3 mm dia., 1 ea.
MF-2070Glassy Carbon Voltammetry Electrode, 3/pkg.
MF-2013Platinum Voltammetry Electrode, 1.6 mm dia., 1 ea.
MF-2071Platinum Voltammetry Electrode, 3/pkg.
MF-2014Gold Voltammetry Electrode, 1.6 mm dia., 1 ea.
MF-2072Gold Voltammetry Electrode, 3/pkg.
MF-2073Glassy Carbon, Plat. and Gold Electrodes, 1 ea.
MF-2016Nickel Voltammetry Electrode, 3 mm dia., 1 ea.
MF-2018Palladium Voltammetry Electrode, 1 ea.
MF-2010Carbon Paste Voltammetry Electrode, 3 mm (w/o paste)
CF-1010CPO Carbon Paste, 1 g
MW-1032Platinum Auxiliary Electrode, 1 ea.
ER-9132Stir bar, 1 ea.
MW-1034CTFE Cell Top Plug
EW-8135Cell Lead Box
EW-4366Replacement Gas Solenoid Assembly