EF-1085 C-3 Cell Stand Package

C-3 Cell Stand with stirring, purging and Accessories kit.  Includes:
Faraday cage
Power cable (please specify power requirements)
EW-8135 Cell Lead Box
ER-9515 Ribbon cable
MR-3818 C-3 cell top
MR-4404 Gas inlet barb fitting
MR-5001 FEP tubing 0.025” ID X 1/16” OD

MW-2980 C-3 cell accessories kit includes:
ER-9132 Teflon coated stir bar (1)
MF-1998 Cell lead clips kit (1)
MF-2012 Glassy Carbon Electrode (1)
MF-2013 Platinum voltammetry electrode (1)
MF-2052 RE-5B Ag/AgCl reference electrode (3)MF-2060 Electrode modifier – PK-4 electrode polishing kit (1)
MF-1208 Glass voltammetry cell vial (12)
MR-1210 Low volume cell vial (2)
MR-5275 Reference electrode storage vial w/cap (1)
MW-1032 Platinum wire aux electrode (1)
MW-1034 Cell top plug (1)