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Leak-Free Reference Electrodes


Conventional porous juntion-based reference electrodes can sometimes experience certain problems such as clogging of the junction or sample contamination. The NEW! Leak-Free Ag/AgCl Reference Electrodes from Innovative Instruments Ltd. eliminate these problems by using a unique, highly conductive, non-porous, and robust junction.

Special Junction Features:

  • Prevents the solution from travelling through the junction in either direction:
    • Prevents the introduction of potassium, chloride and other ions into the solution
  • Resistant to most common organic solvents:
    • Acetonitrile, DMSO, THY, MEK, Acetone, Dichloromethane, Esters, Alcohol and Ketones
  • Not affected by Hydrofluoric Acid and other common acids/bases
  • Can be stored dry – recovers upon immersing in water

All electrodes have a PEEK body and work in a temperature range of 0-90°C. They are available in several sizes, and can also be made shorter or longer upon request. All but the LF-6.4-65 have a 1mm gold-plated connector (6mm long), however an alternative 2mm gold-plated connector (9mm long) is also available upon request. The LF-6.4-65 has a multi-stranded wire connector (24 AWG 19/36) which is insulated and has a 1.4mm OD.

Part Number Diameter (mm) Barrel Length (mm) Total Length (mm) Connector Diameter (mm)
LF-1-100 1.0 100 120 1
LF-1-45 1.0 45 65 1
LF-1.6-48 1.6 48 68 1
LF-1.6-100 1.6 100 120 1
LF-2-45 2.0 45 65 1
LF-2-100 2.0 100 120 1
LF-5-100 5.0 100 135 1 or 2
LF-6.4-65 6.4 65 100 Multi-stranded wire

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