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Microelectrodes are intended for use with the LCM Low Current Module. These electrodes consist of small diameter metal wires or fibers (5-100 µm) sealed within tempered glass bodies. The flattened end of the microelectrode is polished to a mirror finish, which can be maintained using the polishing materials contained in the PK-4 Polishing Kit. The electrical connection is a 0.060″ gold-plated pin.

Microelectrodes are available in a variety of materials, including carbon fiber, platinum, gold, and silver. Other materials can be incorporated into microelectrodes if they are available as a wire or a fiber, which form a good seal with epoxy. Contact Alvatek to discuss your requirements. Dimensions of the electrode are approximately 7 cm long and 4 mm OD. Each is visually inspected and tested voltammetrically before shipping.

Does the size of my working electrode matter?

MF-2005 10 µm diameter Platinum Microelectrode
MF-2006 10 µm diameter Gold Microelectrode
MF-2007 11 µm (±2 µm) diameter Carbon Fiber Microelectrode
MF-2150 100 µm diameter Platinum Microelectrode