Ivium Rotating Ring Disk Electrode Rotator

The Ivium RRDE apparatus is a rotator for hydrodynamic electrochemical applications which are to be used in combination with a potentiostat. The RRDE can be used for both disk (RDE) and ring-disk (RRDE) measurements. For best results they should be used with the Ivium bipoentiostats, however the Ivium RRDE can be used with any other suitable potentiostat. 

The Rotation speed of the Ivium RRDE can be controlled with the front and down buttons present on the front panel of the control box, or from an external analog signal. The rotation speeds are measured and displayed on the front panel of the RRDE.


  • Rotator with driveshaft and brush assembly (no tips included)
  • Motor-controller unit
  • Connection cable
  • Power supply 100-240V
  • Rotator mounting bracket
  • Set of spare brushes (4)

For details on compatible tips please use our contact form here.

Selection of RDE Tips
Rotation Rate 100 - 10,000 rpm
Applied Resolution 1 rpm
Measured Accuracy 0.02 rpm (averaged and settled)
Rotation Stability <1% (within 1 second)
Analaogue Control 1 rpm/mV or 2.5 rpm/mV via BNC connector
Electrode Contacts 4 x 4mm banana sockets
Operating Temperature 10 to 40 °C