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Origalys Rotating Disk Electrode Rotator

The OrigaTrod Rotating Disc Electrode runs from 100 to 10,000 rpm and fits on most glass cells, with NS 14/23 ground joints. The OrigaTrod with optical digital encoder, guarantees a rotation speed accuracy of 0.35%. Noble plastics such as PETP, PTFE, PEEK and the finest stainless steel are all used to manufacture the product. To allow a neutral gas flow through the electrode during use in a corrosive atmosphere, a metallic and removable barbed fitting is present. Electrical signal is ensured through the graphite contact doped with silver.

The OrigaBox is an Rotating Disc Electrode Speed Controller; the tiny piece of advanced technology uses an ARM9 processor offering a unique flexibility. 0.35% digital regulation of the Rotating Electrode Speed is obtained.

The OrigaTrod is delivered in a box, as above, and includes:

  • OrigaTrod: Rotating Disc Electrode with digital encoder – 100 to 10,000 rpm – Without tips
  • OrigaBox: Speed Controller for Rotating Disc Electrode (RDE)
  • US or Euro Power Supply
  • USB key for PC Software
  • 2m USB cord
  • OrigaDoc: User’s Guide
  • Case

Please note that due to the large variation in research application, the RDE kit does not include the glass cell, counter or reference electrode.

A wide range of tips and pellets are available, including a holder for placing you own materials. For more information click here.

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