BaSyTec have introduced the next generation of battery test systems. Modular design, advanced software, and lots of extra features included as standard. All this at an economic price. This state of the art modular battery test system has been designed by engineers with extensive experience in test system design for energy storage devices, combined with additional ideas gained from customer feedback. The result is a battery test system that not only meets the critical demands of today’s users in a wide variety of applications, but also provides certain capabilities and features that are unmatched by products from competitors..

Like all BaSyTec systems the system hardware is programmed using BaSyTest software. Once the program is running the PC can be disconnected (intentionally or not) and the system will continue to operate and collect data using internal buffers on each channel. The system can run for prolonged periods in this way and is only limited by the amount of data being collected. All data is automatically synchronised back to the PC once a connection is re-establish.

Applications include:

  • Fundamental research
  • Materials testing
  • Investigation of single electrodes
  • Galvanostatic tests
  • Potentiostatic tests
  • Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)
  • Battery performance testing
  • Applications testing
  • Life cycle testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Development of pulse charge methods
  • Testing of double layer capacitors
  • Testing of fuel cell

The true modular structure and flexibility of these new systems from BaSyTec means that systems can be configured to meet a huge array of customer applications. Modular systems can be configures with 1 to 100 channels, with potential ranges from 5V to 60V and current ranges from 100uA to 600A. For more detailed information on the range please see the modular systems data sheet: