EL-Cell GmbH offers electrochemical test equipment and services to academics and professionals who conduct high quality battery research at the leading edge of knowledge. El-Cell’s unique combination of mechanical and electrochemical expertise delivers electrochemical test equipment of the highest quality.

Read about El-Cell PAT Series and an overview of the PAT-Cell design concept here.


EL-Cell’s most popular product and unique to them, this range of leadless cell embodies their PAT-Core concept:

  • Long-term half cell measurements with 3 electrodes
  • Single-use means no need for cleaning or drying cell components.
  • Superior corrosion resistance for next-generation battery chemistries.
  • Reproducible and homogeneous mechanical pressure on electrodes.
PAT-Cell Range

Docking Stations

For enhanced repeatability and accuracy, the PAT cell has no cables but plugs into a docking station which is permanently wired to the potentiostat.  

In principle, all PAT-Cells can be used in any docking station. The exception is the high temperature docking station, the PAT-Heater-4*, which requires the PAT-Cell-HT.

PAT Docking Stations


Electrochemical Dilatometers for the measurement of electrode strain (thickness change) in aprotic as well as aqueous electrolytes.  Displacement ranges to 500 μm and resolutions to ≤5 nm.

ECD-3 Dilatometer


EL-CELL has designed a range of tools including punches and cutters.  In keeping with rest of the EL-Cell range, these are high quality tools which are easy to use and produce precision results with ease.