Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell & Battery Research Test Solutions

885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat

Scribner Associates’ 885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat bolts directly to the 850e Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test Systems or 890e / 890C / 890ZV Fuel Cell Test Loads. This, together with Scribner’s  FuelCell software results in an integrated and efficient fully automated testing solution.

      • Perform Automated Experiments within FuelCell®
      • No Need to Swap Cell Leads to Use Potentiostat Functions
      • Voltammetry for In-Situ Fuel Crossover & Electrochemical Surface Area
      • Potentiostatic Mode for Electrode and Catalyst Support Durability Test
      • Fine Current Resolution for High Accuracy Tafel Experiments
      • Includes Furnace Control hardware with redundant over-temperature protection
      • Quick & Easy Installation
      • Data Analysis with FCView
      • Constant current, voltage or power control modes
      • Automatic hardware shutdown & purge gas for safe, reliable operation