Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell & Battery Research Test Solutions

Ivium OctoStat

The new OctoStat from Ivium is ideal for high throughput battery testing. This 8 channel potentiostat/galvanostat offers impedance spectroscopy on each channel, up to 200 mA of current and a voltage range of ±10 V. The 19 inch rack format makes this system expandable for large amount of channels.


As the name suggests, each OctoStat contains 8 potentiostat channels. The new system is primarily aimed at the battery / cell cycler and corrosion markets, which are both application areas where a high number of channels committed to long duration tests can be a requirement. However, the OctoStat will also be ideally suited for those looking for a number of independent potentiostats with FRA / EIS capabilities in one laboratory.


OctoStat's can be stacked to form higher channel count systems allowing for high channel count battery / cell cycling with dedicated impedance on each channel. This will allow for immediate impedance sweeps once cell cycling has reached the desired number of cycles without having to wait for a multiplexed impedance device.

 Each channel: 
  • Dedicated embedded FRA / EIS
  • 20M datapoints stored locally
  • Once the method has been started the channel will operate fully independently of a PC
  • New dedicated software for Battery and Corrosion testing


System features OctoStat200:

  • Channel current / potential: 200mA / +/-10V
  • FRA / EIS: 10uHz to 100kHz
  • Analogue I/O: 16 bit analogue I/O on each channel
  • Chassis height: 1U
  • Interface: USB / Ethernet / WiFi

System performance OctoStat200:

  • Applied potential: -10V to +10V (333uV resolution)
  • Measured potential: 16 bits, minimum 0.4uV
  • Current ranges: 10nA to 100mA
  • Measured current: 16 bits, minimum 1pA