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New for 2021 – New ultra-low current amplifiers for Elecrophysiology and Nanopore Applications:  More Here……

This module combines any two Ivium potentiostats to create a single bipotentiostat.  Create a multipotentiostat with shared CE and RE using multiple modules.

Combines 2 potentiostats to 5Amps max each.

Budget potentiostat offering 100mA, 21V and optional EIS in a compact, portable unit.  Along with the new battery-portable pocketSTAT2 with iBlue this is Ivium’s new entry-level instrument (but with higher power).


PalmSens would absolutely NOT forgive us if we did not mention that their PalmSens4 is currently in space and deployed on the ISS. More here.

Based upon PalmSens’s new Pico module, The Sensit Smart is the smallest potentiostat available today.

The Sensit Smart combination potentiostat with EIS comes with PSTrace (PC) and PSTouch (Android tablet).

Shown here with Android tablet.

The replacement for its successful pocketSTAT, the pocketSTAT2 now includes Ivium’s robust standard cell cable.  Includes EIS to 1MHz and four-wire connections for optimum EIS performance.

The ex-Radiometer team at Origalys has brought pH Meter design up to date with a compact, easy to use pH meter which is fully compatible with the old Radiometer pH meters.  Suitable for teaching and university research labs.

Ivium’s new RRDE / RDE is compatible with a wide range of tips and is excellent value for money.  It comes complete with control unit and includes voltage control input for programmatic control.  Up to 10,000 rpm rotation speeds.

The entry-level Vertex.C offers 350mA and 13V compliance plus 1MHz EIS.  The optional Bipot delivers up to 35mA / 10V.

This entry-level model in the OctoStat series, the OctoStat.30mA offers outstanding value.  It includes 8 functionally independent 30mA potentiostats with galvanostat and 100kHz EIS for under £15,000. 

The XP range is designed from the ground up for high power rather than relying on separate boosters.  That improves performance, bandwidth, safety and enables full auto current ranging without disconnection or switches.   

New options for the MultiPalmSens4 include Bipot and hardware-based IR Compensation.  Optionally, each potentiostat can be galvanically isolated (floating) from the others and / or the chassis.

The EmstatMUX8-R2 includes an Emstat potentiostat and 8-way multiplexer suitable in one compact, USB controlled unit.