Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell & Battery Research Test Solutions

PalmSens Educational Kits

PalmSens offer economical potentiostats that show research grade quality and capability. When combined with the compact design, which allows for multiple workstations within a small teaching room, the PalmSens teaching kits are ideal for the educational setting.


PalmSens offer three main kits:


To cater for a more limited budget, PalmSens provide a kit which includes an EmStat3 in place of the EmStat3 Blue in the Standard kits, and the switchbox is removed. The kit contains:

  • EmStat3
  • Retort stand with clamp
  • Beaker
  • Sensor Connector
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • 20 x IS-Au sensors
  • 20 x IS-C sensors
  • 20 x IS-HM sensors
  • Pt disc working electrode
  • Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)
  • Pt wire counter electrode
  • Polishing tools
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Student instructions



This kit contains everything listed above, however a switchbox is included, and an EmStat3 Blue is in place of the EmStat3. The EmStat3 Blue has an inbuilt battery and both a USB and Bluetooth connection and AUX port.



For those looking for a more advanced kit, the Deluxe kit includes a PalmSens3 with impedance spectroscopy capabilities, in place of the EmStat3 Blue found in the Standard kit. This kit includes everything listed in the Economical kit, in addition to a switchbox and the replaced EmStat3 with PalmSens3.