PalmSens has pioneered the application of modern design and manufacturing techniques to drive down the cost (and size) associated with potentiostats. Its proven and highly popular Emstat series of potentiostats is a range of low cost laboratory quality and now, with the recent introduction of the Emstat4S, includes galvanostat and EIS.  

For more demanding requirements the PalmSens4 comes with EIS, a built in battery, Bluetooth, and 4GB of internal storage, complete with a full colour LCD screen and rugged removable rubber sleeve.

Multichannel applications are addressed by means of a range of multiplexers and multipotentiostats, namely the MultiEmStat and MultiPalmSens4. Each contains independent potentiostat modules which can perform experiments independently of each other.

PalmSens4 Potentiostat
Emstat4S HR Right
Emstat Range
Sensit Range