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The PalmSens3 is PalmSens’ flagship instrument and now features the option of Bluetooth connectivity to your PC or Android mobile device. The PalmSens3 is a battery powered potentiastat, galvanostat and Frequency Responce Analyser (FRA) for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) with low noise, a large potential range and high current resolution over 9 current ranges. The PalmSens3 can be used with an optional Bluetooth module (pictured above) for remote connection to a Bluetooth enabled PC or Android tablet. These features make the PalmSens3 a complete laboratory instrument, but with it’s rugged design it is also ideal for field work.

Standard Configuration

PalmSens3 is delivered with a shielded cable with connections for a working, a counter and a reference electrode by means of 2 mm banana connectors with mini-crocodile clips. The supplied testsensor is used to test the performance of the instrument. The PalmSens3 is also supplied with a USB cable for PC connection, and a copy of PSTrace included on a CD. The whole kit is supplied in a carry case making transporting the unit for field use that much easier.

PalmSens3 supported techniques

Voltammetric techniques:

  • Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV)
  • Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV)
  • Square Wave Voltammetry (SWV)
  • Normal Pulse Voltammetry (NPV)
  • ac Voltammetry (acV)
  • Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)

The above voltammetric techniques can be used for stripping voltammetry.

  • Stripping chronopotentiometry (PSA or SCP)

Technique as a function of time:

  • Amperometric Detection (AD) (Chronoamperometry)
  • Pulsed Amperometric Detection (PAD)
  • Multiple Pulse Amperometry (MPAD)
  • Fast Amperometry (FAM)
  • Potentiometry (POT)
  • Open Circuit Porentiometry (OCP)
  • Multistep Amperometry (MA)
  • Multistep Potentiometry (MP)

Impedance Spectroscopy / EIS

  • Potential scan
  • Time scan

Scans can be made at a fixed frequency or with a frequency scan.

  • Fixed potential


PalmSens can be extended with the bipotentiostat module as well as a multiplexer with 8 or 16 channels. The opto-isolated cable, as well as the Bluetooth option, allows PalmSens to be used floating with respect to ground.


Controlled potential mode or potentiostat 

DC-potential range ±2V
Compliance voltage ±8V
DC-potential resolution 1mV
Potential accuracy <=0.2 % offset and 0.2 %
AC-potential amplitude 1mV to 250mV
AC-potential resolution 0.25mV
Current ranges 1nA to 10mA (8 ranges)
Maximum current ±10mA
Current resolution 0.1 % of current range
1pA on lowest current range
Accuracy <=0.2 % of current range at 100nA to 1mA

Controlled current mode or galvanostat

Current ranges 1µA to 1mA
DC-current range -2 to +2 times  selected current
DC-current resolution 0.1 % of selected current range
Current accuracy <=0.2 % offset and  0.4 %
Maximum output voltage ±  8 V


Electrometer amplifier input >100GOhm // 4 pF
Rise time <50µs
Dimensions 155mm x 85mm x 35mm
Weight 0.45kg
Power 2 AA cells NiMH for more than 8 hours operation.
battery charger included (6 V- 1500 mA)
Interfacing RS-232 or USB (optionally opto-isolated) or Bluetooth

* Minimum requirements are either a netbook, laptop or desktop PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 or an Android smartphone or tablet.