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IVIUM BOOST: High Power Boosters
- to 100A and 100V.

Shown here is the 20V/5A Booster


The IviumBoost series of instruments are power boosters that have been designed to increase the potential and/or current of Ivium potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRAs. The booster is connected in front of the P/G in-line with the cell cable. The operation is fully integrated in the IviumSoft.

All electrochemical techniques are applicable across the full potential range and, unlike a simple load, the IviumBoost shows no singularities at 0 V. With a sample rate of 100,000 pnts/sec and a risetime of less than 50ms, the IviumBoost can meet even the fastest requirements.

The IviumBoost is a separate external instrument and has full potentiostat-galvanostat-ZRA capability. It can be purchased at the initial order of your Ivium potentiostat, but can of course also be ordered at a later time. For example when the emphasis of your research shifts to higher power requirements, an IviumBoost will be ideal to enhance the capability of your Ivium potentiostat.

To check if a particular IviumBoost is compatible with your designated instrument, click here.

(See also the external “Plus module” boosters to 800mA & 20V, only for the CompactStathere). 

Comparison Table

Current Compliance ±100A ±10A ±5A ±0.6A
Max Output Voltage ±10V ±10V ±20V ±100V
Max Compliance Voltage ±12V ±10V ±20V ±100V
Currrent Ranges ±10A and ±100A Defined by
controlling pstat
Defined by
controlling pstat
Defined by
controlling pstat
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