Ivium Modules, Muxes and Boosters

Ivium has developed a comprehensive range of complementary modules to extend and enhance the performance and capability of its potentiostats and cyclers. See Compatibility Matrix below.

Type Model No Summary Description
Boosters IviumBOOST1001 100V / 0.6A booster.
IviumBOOST205 5A / 20V booster
IviumBOOST1010 10V /10A booster
IviumBOOST10012 100Amp/12V
OctoBOOST16000 16Amps per channel. 128A combined. For use with OctoStat
Multiplexers HiMUX.XR 8 -way mux incorporating electrometer per channel.
uMUX 8-way relay multiplexer
MultiWE32 32-way Multiplexer plus allows up to 32WE's to share a common CE and RE.
MUX64 64 - way relay mux. Contact us for details.
Peripheral Interfacing PPE / PDA Peripheral Port Extender (PPE) provides access to peripheral port Inputs and Outputs.
Peripheral Differential Amplifier. As PPE but with high impedance analogue differential inputs.
mPDA / sPDA 2-channel versions of the 8-channel PDA. Adds 2 high impedance inputs to compatible Ivium potentiostats, eg for recording additional voltages and temperatures.
TCM-K Thermocouple module. Used to connect K-Type thermocouples to compatible Ivium potentiostats.
Peripheral Level Transformer (PLT) Adapter to increase the voltage of the analogue inputs and outputs of the peripheral I/O
Modulight & IVISun Modulatable light sources and sensors for photo-related electrochemistry experiments. With IviumSoft, techniques such as IMVS, IMPS etc are available.
Communications DataSecure & uDataSecure Data Storage & Connection Module. Enables your potentiostat to run experiments and store data even if your computer fails.
LAN, USB and WiFi connections available.
iBLUE Adds BlueTooth to any single channel Ivium potentiostat. Also contains a battery pack for use with pocketSTAT2
Functionality Enhancements Low-Current (LC) Module Low Current Module: adds 3 "real" current ranges below the existing lowest real range of Ivium's potentiostats (eg to 100fA for CompactStat
WITHOUT extra gain stages)
Current Interrupt Module (CIM) 5A / 50V Adapter to add hardware current interrupt to an Ivium potentiostat. Connects in-line with the cell cable. +/-5A and 50V. <2us.
Current Interrupt Module 10A In-line module enables current interrupt to 10A and 10V. <2uS.
HiZ High Impedance Module Electrometer enhancement module. Improves electrometer performance givinglower leakage and higher input impedance.
>1E15 Ohoms // 0.2pF.
CE-Link Connect 2 or more potentiostats together to form a super-capable bipotentiostat / multi -WE potentiostat.

Compatibility Matrix