Ivium Boosters

The IviumBoost instruments are a series of power boosters which have been designed to increase the potential and/or current of the IviumStat or the IviumStat.XR.

The booster is connected in front of the IviumStat in-line with the cell cable. In order to operate an IviumBoost, an IviumStat is needed. The output capacity of the IviumBoost makes it particularly useful for applications that require high power but precision control, such as: Batteries, Fuel Cells, Membrane-Electrode-Assemblies, Electrolysis, Corrosion , Deposition, etc.


All electrochemical techniques are applicable across the full potential range and, unlike a simple load, the IviumBoost shows no singularities at 0 V. With a sample rate of 100,000 pnts/sec and a risetime of less than 50’s, the IviumBoost can meet even the fastest requirements.

As the IviumBoost is a separate external instrument, it can be purchased at the initial order of your Ivium potentiostat or at a later date, allowing enhancement of your Ivium potentiostat at any point in your research.