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Low Current (LC) Module


  • Increased resolution
  • Increased accuracy ~ Lower offset (leakage): 10pA –> 20fA
  • Increased Signal/Noise ratio ~ Shorter cabling, Lower noise current detector, Driven shield WE lead

Add 3 “real” current ranges to your Ivium potentiostat for potentiostatic measurements:

  • To 100fA (IviumStat, CompactStat)
  • To 10pA (others)
  • Bypass mode for other current ranges
  • Applied voltage: ±10V
  • Maximum current: 100mA
  • Minimum current resolution: 0.06aA
  • Measured current accuracy: 0.2% of current range
  • Input impedance: >100TOhm // 8pF
  • Electrometer bandwidth: >1MHz

Product Description

 LC module

The Low Current module (LC module) adds 3 real current ranges below the existing current ranges of the Ivium potentiostat to which it is connected. These additional current ranges are available for potentiostatic measurements. It is an analog module and is compatible with almost all Ivium potentiostats, including the 24bit instruments.

For example, the IviumStat has real current ranges down to 100pA full scale as standard (the 10pA and 1pA current ranges are gained ranges). When the LC module is connected, the 10pA, 1pA, and 100fA real current ranges are added.

The LC module connects between the potentiostat and the cell cable, and is powered from the cell cable (no additional power supply is required). As the LC module adds high sensitivity current ranges, it should always be used inside a Faraday cage.

Screen shots show the improvement for a CompactStat and for a Vertex.  Note in the latter’s “before and after” graph that not only is the resolution and noise improved, but also the fixed dc offset.