PalmSens Modules, Muxes and Boosters

PalmSens offers a comprehensive range of complementary modules to extend and enhance the performance and capability of its potentiostats.  Many more options are available as are special units to meet individual requirements.  If you don’t see what you need here please contact us here.

Type Model No Summary Description
Multiplexers EmstatMUX8-R2 Integrated USB powered potentiostat and 8-way multiplexer.
MUX8-R2 Multiplexer 8-way relay multiplexer. Stackable up to 128 channels. 4 different electrode / sensor combinations.
MUX16 16-way relay multiplexer. Switches up to 16 WE's. CE and RE are not switched.
Peripheral Interfacing Differential Electrometer Amplifier (DEA) Connects to the PalmSens3/4 Aux I/O connector to provide floating, differential votage input.
Programmable Relay Switch Box Provides a simple switch which can be operated by PalmSens software manually.
LM-35 Temperature Sensor Temperature sensor for use with PalmSens3/4 and EmstatBLUE. 0.5 degC accuracy at 25 deg C.
Galvanic Isolator Dongle Creates a floating unit (galvanic isolation). Connects between your pc and potentiostat.
Universal Sensor Connectors SPE Electrode adapters