Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell & Battery Research Test Solutions

Single Channel Potentiostats / Galvanostats / EIS

Alvatek offer a wide range of potentiostats including many with integrated EIS. For further details, please click on the links below.



EmStat Series

Smallest electrochemical interfaces available!

1nA to 100mA, with Bluetooth options available.





Battery-powered, handheld potentiostat, galvanostat and FRA for EIS.

Low noise, +/- 5.000V potential range, high current resolution, and over 9 current ranges.






Smart phone dimensions, and controlled by a USB connection from any Windows operated netbook, laptop or PC.

3 electrode connection, scan range of +/-4V, +/- 10mA, and automatic current range selection of 1nA to 10mA/1mV to 4V.




Entry level potentiostat-galvanostat available in various configurations and optional FRA/EIS.

4 electrode configuration, and 8 current ranges: 10nA to 100mA (1A, 10A).





The complete package; a portable electrochemical interface with an integrated impedance analyser for EIS measurements from 10µHz to 3MHz, in a new 24 bit resolution.



IviumStat & IviumStat XR Models

Available in 3 power configurations, the IviumStat offers a complete package of standard electrochemical techniques, in addition to an integrated high-performance FRA (EIS 10µHz to 8MHz).

Various options and modules can be used to expand the capabilities of the instrument.