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New! Ivium Vertex.One

Vertex.ONE: Low-cost potentiostat and EIS to 22V& 100mA in an entry-level, hand-sized, stackable unit.



The new Vertex.ONE offers breakthrough price / capability in a highly portable unit. Multiple units can be stacked to create a multi-potentiostat configuration. Includes:
  • Potentiostat & Galvanostat & EIS (Optional)
  • Current compliance ±100mA
  • 10 current ranges: 100pA
  • 100mA
  • Voltage compliance ± 22V
  • Applied scan range: ± 10V
  • Optional FRA/EIS 10?Hz to 250kHz
  • IR Compensation capability
  • Individual units can be stacked to create your own multipotentiostat.

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