Along with the rest of the UK (and much of the world!) here at Alvatek we have been avoiding travel and working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown.  However, we have been making good use of the time to bring our website up to date (sadly it had been sorely neglected).  It is still a work-in-progress but is mostly now completed. 

We thought we would use this opportunity to summarise some of main new developments to date in 2020.  There are more to come and they will be added in the next few weeks. In fact we had such a lot of news that we decided to split it into two main areas and you can click on the links below to choose which is most relevant to you: 

Electrochemistry News please click here.

Battery Systems News: please click here.

STOP PRESS!  Sorry but we couldn’t resist including this last snippet! 

The PalmSens4 has been deployed onto the International Space Station (ISS). 

Learn more here: PalmSens4 In Space.