New Product Announcements!

Alvatek has been appointed UK distributor for the Heliocentris range of Green Energy teaching laboratory equipment.  This includes educational equipment and course work for teachers and students encompassing fuel cell-, battery-, solar-, wind- power and hydrogen storage and generation.

All Heliocentris products are provided with comprehensive experiment guides, lesson plans, and educational material for students.

Education products (Dr. FuelCell Range)

The Dr. FuelCell range features a model car, science kit, and training system which are designed to introduce entry level students to the concepts and basic functions of fuel cell technology.

The model car demonstrates that hydrogen can be produced directly from a small solar panel and used to drive a motor. The science kit takes this one step further by giving the students control over the electric load on a motor to see the resulting effects on current and voltage.

The ‘Dr. FuelCell – Professional’ (training system) teaches the student about the complete solar hydrogen cycle, introducing physical and chemical concepts which underpin the performance of fuel cells. The equipment is designed for classroom presentations and allows students to easily interact with the various components.

Hybrid Energy Lab
The Hybrid Energy Lab (HEL) provides teaches the prospective engineer how to operate a battery/fuel cell hybrid system. The pre-planned experiments are designed to inform students of the various components in a true hybrid power supply and how they interact with each other. During the pre-planned experiments, students will learn how to compensate for the dynamic characteristics of batteries and fuel cells. Various operating modes can be simulated, including autonomous power supply for off grid applications and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems for backup power.

New Energy Lab
The New Energy Lab (NEL) offers a complete solution to teaching the various aspects of hydrogen generation, storage, and utilisation, combined with solar and wind technology. Various scenarios can be simulated, including day/night cycles for solar panels, various wind profiles, hybrid operation with a diesel generator, and more.


JULY 2021: Alvatek has been appointed by Nanobase Inc., to be the UK distributor for its leading-edge range of Raman spectroscopy equipment for research laboratories. Nanobase’s Raman technology utilises Volume Phase Grating, a transmission technique yielding superior efficiency.   Find out more. Click here.