Specialists in Electrochemistry & Materials, Energy & Power

About Us

We offer probably the most comprehensive mix of products and support capability for electrochemistry, sensors, corrosion, and renewable energy research, test, and teaching in the UK today.

Since its foundation in 2007 and appointment as sole UK distributor for Ivium Technologies, then itself an upstart innovator and potentiostat manufacturer, Alvatek has pursued a strategy of building a carefully selected range of complementary products.

The subsequent distributorship for PalmSens B.V. and then BASi’s electrochemistry cells and electrodes meant that Alvatek could offer UK electrochemistry researchers the broadest potentiostat capability available from a single source.

This approach underpins the directors’, and now the whole Alvatek team’s determination to give outstanding support to our users by ensuring a strongly focused in-house body of expertise in our key application areas.

As the product range has grown into broader applications such as renewable energy, hydrogen, battery cyclers etc., we have taken great care to only take on product which fits within our team’s expertise and supports our existing product capability.

Today, we have a team of sales engineers based around the country ready and able to provide expert technical support and advice across our product range and applications. These are backed up by office and home based technical support staff, themselves directly supported by our own suppliers who are themselves chosen for the quality of their support.

Meet The Team

Photo of David Sheath, Alvatek CEO

David Sheath

CEO & Director

Steve Fryatt

Director and Founder

Mark Dowsett

Electrochemistry & Raman Product Manager

Jack Mitchinson

Energy Storage Products Manager
Image of James Littler, Power Products Manager

James Littler

Power Products Manager

Felix Leon Pfanschilling

Applications Specialist

Seb Hodson

Logistics & Service Technician
female outline image

Olivia Cooke

Operations Manager
female outline image

Rajana Rivetha

Technical Sales Support
javier soto, technical support

Javier Alvarez-soto

Technical Sales Support Engineer
female outline image

Albena Rowsell

Office Administrator
image of philippa (phil) lark, bookkeeper.

Philippa (Phil) Lark