Newtons4th (N4L)

Newtons4th Ltd (abbreviated to N4L) was established in 1997 to design, manufacture and support innovative electronic equipment to a world-wide market.

N4L have gained a reputation for producing exceptionally high standard instruments at a pricet point that their competitors cannot match. The products are all designed, manufactured, tested and calibrated at their UK headquarters near Loughborough.

The N4L PSM range are all wide bandwidth Frequency Responce Analysers (FRA) combined with multi funtion measurements making them versatile laboratory instruments. With the addition of an Impedance Analyser Interface (IAI) the PSM range also offers a high accuracy impedance anayser.

PSM range

PSM1700 – 10µHz to 1MHz

PSM1735 – 10µHz to 35MHz

PSM3750 – 10µHz to 50MHz