Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell & Battery Research Test Solutions


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We are independent UK distributors of high performance research solutions for electrochemistry, materials and renewable energy applications. Our customers include researchers and manufacturers in applications such as sensors, corrosion, coatings, catalysts, fuel cells, batteries and super capacitors.

Potentiostats, Galvanostats & EIS / Impedance


We offer a wide range of laboratory and portable potentiostats and EIS / impedance solutions: femtoamps to over 120 Amps; single channel to 256+ channel systems.

Fuel Cell and Battery Research

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Including fuel cells, fuel cell test systems (FCTS), membrane test systems, electronic loads, test jigs, materials and accessories.

Accessories & Ancillary Products

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Reference Electrodes

Hotplate stirrers, cells, electrodes, RDE’s, QCMs, Boosters, Modules and more!


PalmSens4 – a USB and battery powered Potentiostat, Galvanostat, and optional Frequency Response Analyser (FRA) for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). The PalmSens4 has a large potential range (-5V to 5V or -10V to 10V) and current range (100 pA to 10 mA) with a high resolution and low noise. The PalmSens4 is equipped with an internal storage of 4 GB, meaning your measurements are automatically saved on-board as a backup. This instrument is a complete laboratory instrument but its compact and rugged design makes it also ideal for field work.

Ivium Vertex.One – Low-cost potentiostat and EIS to 22V& 100mA in an entry-level, hand-sized, stackable unit.

Leak-Free Electrodes – New to Alvatek, we are excited to be supplying the robust and unique leak-free Ag/AgCl reference electrodes from Innovative Instruments Ltd. With their highly-conductive, non-porous specialised junction, these leak-free electrodes eliminate problems such as clogging of the junction or sample contamination which are experienced with other electrodes.

Ivium OctoStat – With 8 potentiostat channels, each with dedicated embedded FRA/EIS, and it’s ability to be stacked to form higher channel count systems, the Ivium OctoStat is ideal for applications requiring a high number of channels.

IviumBoost:10012 – Designed for high power applications, the new IviumBoost:10012 offers an affordable method of enhancing the power of your Ivium potentiostat with a massive 100A, 12V booster.

C-Flow LAB Cells – New to Alvatek is C-Tech Innovation, supplying robust, flexible and easy to use laboratory electrochemical cells.

BaSyTec – BaSyTec Battery Test Systems have arrived at Alvatek! They offer a wide range of products: Cell Test, Modular Battery Test, and Regenerative Module Test Systems, in addition to Battery Capacity Testers – all of which are safe, powerful and offer flexibility with optional modules and interfaces.

500A Fuel Cell Test Load – Scribner Associates have added new 500A model to the popular 890e range. Like all 890e models the new 500A version has three current ranges (50A, 250A and 500A) for high measurement accuracy over a wide dynamic range.

BASi C3 Cell Stand – Continuing to be very popular, the BASi C3 Cell Stand is a general-purpose accessory for electroanalytical experiments