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PPA 3500 Power Analyzer - Unsurpassed Accuracy and Bandwidth
ppa3500 power analyzer
N4L PPA 3500 Power Analyzer

- 0.03% Accuracy

- 1 MHz Bandwidth

- DFT Based Power Calculation

- 8 Phase Analysis

Nanobase XperRam S Raman Instrument
XperRam S, Raman Spectroscopy Instrument
Nanobase XperRam S Raman

- Confocal / 3D Raman Imaging & Analysis

- Fast 2D Scanning
- Flexible Grating Configurations

- Photoluminescence / Electroluminescence

Cognition Energy Cellpods - Individual cell temperature cycling
Cellpods from Cognition Energy

- Individual CellPod Temperature setting

- Temperatures -20°C to +70°C ±0.5°C

- 15A max continuous current

- Quick and Easy to Change Fixtures

PSM3750 FRA / Impedance Analyzer
psm3750_356x150 FRA / Impedance Analyser
N4L PSM3750 FRA / Impedance Analyzer

- 10uHz ~ 50MHz Bandwidth

- 0.02dB Market Leading Gain Accuracy
- 0.01deg Market Leading Phase Accuracy

- Isolated Inputs (500Vpk)

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Shop Electrochemistry Cells & Electrodes

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