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Elements SRL Products

ePatch low noise amplifer

This new tiny amplifier delivers high quality patch clamp recordings in both voltage clamp and current clamp modes. 

This USB-powered unit integrates a Low-noise amplifier, pulse generator and digitizer within the compact headstage (42 x 18 x 78 mm).  It is small enough to mount onto a micromanipulator mounting plate.

eONE Family

The world’s smallest current amplifier for nanopores and single-channel electrophysiology applications.

eONE is suitable for research and educational activities which use bilayer lipid membranes (BLM) or solid-state nanopores.

NEW - Nanopore Reader

The new Nanopore Reader is a compact and portable read-out device with miniaturized flow cell for ultra low noise recordings of solid state nanopores and biological pores. The unit can be used for experimental activity such as resistive pulses, single molecule detection, DNA translocation. Thanks to its dimension and high data resolution, this unit is a versatile platform suitable for different applications if combined with the specific nanosensor, from water quality monitoring, environmental pollution analysis, agriculture tests and disease marker detection.

4ch & 16ch Multichannel Amplifiers

New miniaturized 4 and 16 channel multichannel amplifiers with simultaneous data capture to 200 kbps. 

  • Open input (RMS) noise:
    • 120 fA rms @ 1kHz
    • 420 fA rms @ 10 kHz
    • 3.6 pA rms @ 100 kHz
  • Current ranges: ±200pA, ±2nA, ±20nA, ±200nA
  • Max sampling rate: 200 ksps
  • Parametric voltage protocols for pulse generator in the range of ± 500 mV
  • Voltage hold potential settable on each channel in the range of ± 500 mV
  • Auto electrodes voltage offset fine compensation
  • Continuous C-membrane and R-seal estimation
  • Zap pulse
  • USB powered (only 4 ch version)
BLM (Liquid Bilayer) Kit

A compact and complete Lipid Bilayer kit for accurate electrophysiological recordings. The kit includes the eONE amplifier (HS or XV version), the EDR software with real-time analysis and all the tools for fast screening of ion-channels functional activity in lipid environments.

A large number of standard experiments can be performed using the BLM Kit. Stable membranes can be easily formed to study ion channels or toxin property. Without bulky setup you can start doing BLM experiments on your desk. The BLM Kit is especially designed for teaching activities, to enable students to learn electrophysiology basis on Lipid Bilayers properties, membrane protein study and ion channels analysis.

The kit is contained into a 16 x 10 x 5 cm Faraday cage and includes:

  • A recording chamber made by two 1 ml Delrin cuvettes with electrode input;
  • A set of laser drilled Teflon or Polyimide membranes, with fixed holes size of 50, 80, 100, 110, 150, 200 µm;
  • Paint brush, Ag wires, electrode connectors to plug the eOne amplifier.


EDR Data Reader Software

The EDR software interface enables an easy control of all the eONE and multichannel amplifiers, showing and saving data in real time. Input current ranges, bandwidth, voltage stimulus and electrode offset compensation can all be easily selected and modified. Data can be stored in commonly used formats like .dat or .abf. Resistance, Capacitance and rms noise can be continuously monitored. EDR is currently available for Windows and OS X and it is always included in the instrument price.