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The Gii-Sens Electrode

Gii-Sens is powered by Integrated Graphene’s revolutionary 3D Graphene Foam, Gii, which utilises the properties of a very large electrochemically active area and a >98% pure carbon surface to enable high sensitivity.

Gii-Sens enables lower limits of detection whilst using amplification-free, enzyme-free, label-free electrochemical biosensing methods.

Physical Properties

Electrode Material Geometric area / mm2
Working 3D Graphene foam 12.57
Counter 3D Graphene foam 14.18
Reference Ag/AgCl 2.59
  • Background substrate: Polyimide (flexible)
  • Solvent tolerance: Aqueous, organic. Generally intolerant of DMSO and DMF.

Why this sensor?

  • High surface area
  • Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Flexible substrate
  • Low cost: £1.90 – 0.60 per sensor (scales with quantity)

The Adapter

Gii-Sens adapters bought through Alvatek are supplied with the capability to connect to 2mm and 4mm banana plugs, making it compatible with most common potentiostats. One of the commonly used potentiostats is the Palmsens4.

Comparison with commercial SPEs

Integrated Graphene have produced a report comparing their sensors to other commercial carbon sensors. Click here for the full report.

Some of the key findings of the report are:

  • Gii-Sens has 25% larger electrochemically active surface area than other graphene-based electrodes
  • Gii-Sens redox response outperforms pure glassy carbon at all scan rates
  • Gii-Sens improves upon screen-printed gold responsiveness at fast scan rates
  • Gii-Sens has very low charge-transfer resistance

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