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Hydrogen Energy Research Systems

At Alvatek we are proud to  support research into renewable energy technologies.  Our comprehensive range of complementary equipment, services and expertise has been developed over many years to assist our customers in this crucial work.  Our team of specialist engineers and scientists is here to help.  Contact us by email, chat, phone or here to discuss your requirements.

Solutions include – 

  • Turnkey solutions for single cell and short stack testing.
  • Customisable test stations from 50W to 50kW.
  • All fuel cell types including SOFC.
  • Potentiostat & FRA Integration.
  • Membrane test system for ionomer and solid electrolytes.
  • Membrane conductivity: both through-, and in- plane.
  • Seebeck coefficient investigations.
  • Permeability investigations.
  • Liquid flow cell testing.

Turnkey Solutions Including

  • PEM, AEM and SOEC
  • 100A, 5V, 500W
  • Integrated power supply and potentiostat
  • Real time flow rate and cross-over monitoring
  • General electrolysis workbench (CO2 reduciton etc.)

Standalone potentiostats to 40A.  500A with boosters. Including impedance.

Powders and Inks for electrolyte, anode and cathode.

Standard and custom cells for Fuel Cell & Electrolyser research.Flow cells, compression cells and specialised cells for membrane characterisation.