Energy Research Systems

At Alvatek we are proud to be able to support our customers with a comprehensive range of systems, accessories, software and expertise to help advancements in a wide range of “green” energy technologies including:

Battery Research

Battery Cyclers and Related – including cell holders, electrolyte measurement systems etc..

Cyclers with Impedance

Systems combine potentiostat +cycler +impedance – from single channel, hand-portable to high channel count systems. uA to kA.

Reflow-based solutions

Systems and Cells – from system component up to full research systems including cells, pumps etc.  Broad range of materials for diverse cell chemistries.

Fuel Cell & Membrane Test

Fuel Cell and Electrolyser Test Systems – off the shelf and custom solutions.  Complete systems and associated cells, membranes, MEAs..

Electrolyzer Research

600 ETS Electrolyzer Test System – state of the art benchtop system and accessories for electrolyzer research.

Solar Energy

Solutions include – Potentiostats, FRAs, cells, modulatable light sources with selectable wavelengths. Solar simulator.