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Electrochemistry and Impedance Software

IviumSoft - for Ivium Potentiostats

Ivium's powerful software suite now includes battery cycling techniques (CycliScan) and analysis (IVILab) in addition to IviumSoft's well-loved and extremely capable Electrochemistry techniques.

Shows 12 simultaneous graphical results each channel running a different technique

PSTrace and PSTouch
for PalmSens Potentiostats

Runs on both Windows and Android and offers a broad range of Electrochemistry and Corrosion methods, automation and analysis

ZView from Scribner

Best-in-class equivalent circuit modelling from the world leader. For use with any potentiostat or impedance analyzer.

Digisim | Alvatek Ltd

DigiSim from BASi

Software simulation for Cyclic Voltammetry.