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Novonix has expertise in materials and cell testing, focusing strongly on the use of High Precision Coulometry for lifetime evaluation of lithium-ion cells. High precision chargers, which are able to measure the coulombic efficiency of cells to less than 20 ppm noise and to 50 ppm accuracy, have been developed over the past year.

Novonix’s High Precision Charger provides industry-leading low noise and high accuracy source and measurement electronics, catered to making precision measurements of coulombic efficiency. Precise measurements of the coulombic efficiency of a cell using the proper equipment has been shown to have enormous benefits to battery R&D projects, allowing researchers to characterize lifetime and evaluate the impact of small changes to battery design on long-term performance in short-term experiments.

The High Precision Charger can be used with a temperature controlled cell to measure coulombic efficiency with a precision of 20ppm and accuracy of 50ppm. Novonix also supplies Thermal Control Chambers which can be used to control the temperature of a cell.

During charge and discharge over the full load voltage range of 0-5V, the system functions in constant current or constant voltage mode.


The image below shows how the precise measurements of coulombic efficiency can predict cell lifetime, which have little capacity loss until complete failure.

Coulombic efficiency Novonix


The image below shows how the coulombic efficiency can also predict the long term performance of cells that show gradual capacity loss with cycling.
High provision Novonix