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Battery Cyclers

NanoCycler All Products 01
NanoBase Nanocycler

8 channel cycler. Very low cost. 10mA and 100mA versions.


For testing single cells up to 6V and 5A (20A in parallel operation).  To 32 test channels per device.

BaSyTec XCTS:Extended Cell Test System

For testing single cells up to 6V and 40, 60 or 80A. Parallel parallel operation (optional) up to 400A c

580 w coin-Scribner-3139
Scribner Model 580. 1A x 8 with HFR

Shown here with a Scribner flexible battery fixture.

Scribner 5A with HFRx 8 Channels

8 x 5A channels, parallelable to 4 channels. HFR for ac measurement of internal resistance. 6 current ranges. Auto- current ranging. 5 or 6 terminal measurements available.

Scribner’s battery cyclers all include HFR (High Frequency Resistance) capability.  HFR provides continuous measurement of impedance at a selectable frequency.

The Novonix High Precision Coulometry System is the industry-leading solution for precision measurements of battery coulombic efficiency.

Cyclers with Impedance Capability

Ivium-n-Stat Modular System

Multi-channel potentiostat-galvanostat with integrated impedance analyser in each channel. Modules from 30mA to 10A plus boosters to 100A. 


8-channel, stackable multipotentiostat / cycler with either 30mA, 200mA or  5A per channel (16A with booster). EIS per channel. 20M datapoints locally stored. Dedicated software for battery cycling and test.

NEW IVICYCLE –  Low Cost 32 Channel System

  • 8 channel modules: ±30mA & ±200mA
  • FRA/EIS: 10µHz-20kHz on each channel for simultaneous testing.


Module & Pack Testing

LPS: Low Power Test System

Low noise linear amplifier operates to 70V and 60A. Up to 4 aux inputs per channel, eg 2 x PT 100 and 2 x voltages.

HPS: High Power Test System

Modular design extends to 600A and 70V to 6KW. To 4 channels (2400A).

The RPS Battery Pack tester is for voltages up to 1000 V and currents up to 1000 A and a maximum power of 500 kW. A Battery safety (BSD) is integrated in the system and many additional options are possible

MRS Module Test System. Voltages to 70 V. Maximum currents are customized between 70 A and 540 A. The switched mode amplifier results in low heat generation and high energy efficiency.