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Fuel Cell Test Solutions

Solutions include – 

  • Turnkey solutions for single cell and short stack testing.
  • Customisable test stations from 50W to 50kW.
  • All fuel cell types including SOFC.
  • Potentiostat & FRA Integration.

Fuel Cell Poisoning Module

Enables reproducible and accurate investigations from 1 ppm concentration of poisoning gas.

Fuel Cell Fixtures

Fuel Cell Fixtures from Scribner Associates are available in multiple gas and liquid combinations, cell areas and materials.  If you do not see what you need please contact us with details of your requirements here.

For example, Scribner’s liquid-gas fuel cell fixture is ideal for liquid fuelled cells such as Direct Methanol and Formate Fuel cells.  All wetted components of the liquid side are non-metallic and highly chemical resistant.   

Key Features

  • Fuel Cell Test Fixture is suitable for use with 5 and 25 cm2 area cells
  • Configuration for Liquid Fuels available
  • All wetted components of the liquid side are non-metallic and highly chemical resistant
  • Gold-plated copper current collectors (2)
  • Anodized aluminum end plates (2) with reactant input/output ports, stainless
    steel Swagelok® compression fittings, cartridge heaters and thermocouple well
  • 60 cm heavy-gauge copper conductor load cables
  • Gaskets – 51, 152 and 254 µm (0.002, 0.006 and 0.01 inch)
  • Templates for preparation of gaskets
  • Gaskets, gasket templates and additional hardware such as bolts, washers, fittings and o-rings
  • Compatible with BekkTech in-plane conductivity cell (BT – 112)
  • Operating temperature up to 200 °C
  • 115 V or 230 V cell heaters available

Liquid / Gas Cell

Gas / Gas Fixture

Compression Cell

Controlled pressure cell.  Suitable for PEM fuel cells and electrolysers.

Membrane Conductivity Testing

Fuel Cell Membrane Conductivity – Systems and fixtures for characterisation of fuel cell membranes. Includes the Bekktech range of in-plane measurement solutions and Scribners’s innovative MTS740 system for through-plane characterisation.

BT-11x Membrane Conductivity Clamp

MTS740 Membrane Test System

Fuel Cell Test Stations

Fuel Cell Test Stations from 50W to ~50kW. 

Fuel Cell Test Systems

Scribner Fuel Cell Test Systems

Scribner’s Fuel Cell Test Systems (FCTS) are totally integrated complete solutions including full gas and water/humidity control.

850 Multi-Range FCTS
840 1kW PEM FCTS

Integrated Fuel Cell Potentiostat and Impedance Analyzer

Leancat Fuel Cell Test Systems

From around 100W to 50kW.  Customisable fuel cell test stations and fixtures. 

Scribner Fuel Cell Loads

890 Series Fuel Cell Loads

The model 890 is a computer-controlled instrument consisting of multi-range programmable electronic load, fuel flow and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions in a compact rack-mount or bench-top unit. targeting small to medium  Add the 881 Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) option for integrated High Frequency Resistance (HFR) and full range Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurement. The 890 Series is supported by the Scribner 885 Integrated Fuel Cell Potentiostat!

Scribner’s Electronic Loads include control electronics (for gases, furnace, multiple MFC’s etc) and come complete with FuelCell software.  Use them with MFC’s and peripherals to form the heart of a user-configured FCTS.

890e Electronic Load
890zv Advanced Test Load

890 2kW 1000A