Potentiostats + EIS

From the dongle – sized Sensit Smart for sensor research to 300A potentiostats for renewable energy Alvatek has probably the broadest range of potentiostats available. Please take a look, and if you don’t see what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us by email, chat or phone.

Single Channel Potentiostats

NEW! Emstat4S low cost potentiostats

  • Current range: 1nA to 200mA
  • Compliance voltage: ±8V
  • Optional EIS to 200kHz

PalmSens4 Range 

  • Full colour LCD screen. 4GB of internal storage.
  • Current range: 100pA to 10mA (30mA)
  • Compliance voltage to ±10V
  • Optionalional EIS to 1MHz

CompactStat.h Range Ivium’s flagship for lower currents. Highest performance, USB potentiostat/bistat.

  • 30mA/10V. Options to 200V & 1.25A
  • Lowest noise, sub-pA true capability.
  • BiStat & True Linear options
  • EIS to 3MHz.
  • 24-bits resolution (0.00001% of Current Range.

pocketSTAT2 Portable potentiostat with full 4-wire EIS.

  • ±30mA / ±10V
  • EIS: 10µHz-1MHz
  • Battery and BlueTooth Module

Sensit Smart the smallest potentiostat available.  

  • Current range: 100 nA – 5 mA
  • Potential range -1.7 to +2 V
  • EIS to 200 kHz

Sensit BT Wireless, dual channel / bipotentiostat.

  • Current ranges 100 nA – 5 mA
  • Potential range -1.7 to +2 V
  • EIS to 200 kHz

Vertex Series Low cost range of flexible potentiostats:  

  • Models to 10Amps and 20V
  • EIS: 1MHz
  • Optional True Linear Scan

NEW!  Vertex C Low cost Potentiostat / Bipot

  • Compliance ±350mA / ±13V
  • FRA/EIS: 10µHz-1MHz
  • Optional Bipotentiostat (±35mA / ±10V)

Vertex.One Low cost 100mA potentiostat.

  • Current compliance                  ±100mA
  • Maximum output voltage        ±21V
  • Optional EIS to 1MHz

IviumStat.h Ivium’s flagship. Combines CompactStat’s low noise with higher current & 8MHz EIS.

  • 5A/10V (options to 50V & 10A)
  • EIS to 8MHz
  • 1pA Range / 0.00001% of range resolution

Ivium XP Integrated High Power Potentiostat.

  • XP40 (±40A/±10V) and
  • XP40 (±40A/±10V)
  • (Optional FRA/EIS: 10µHz to 500kHz
  • Integrated current interrupt
  • Direct K-type thermocouple input connector

IviumBoost Series of power boosters for use with selected Ivium potentiostats.  Using boosters as appropriate the Ivium range extends to over 300 Amps and 200V.  

Multi-Channel Potentiostats

OctoStat Range

8-channel multipotentiostats with either 30mA, 200mA or  5A and EIS per channel. 16A booster includes parallel operation to 128A


Modules from 30mA to 10Amps and up to 32 independent potentiostats in a single chassis.  Each module can be operated in floating mode (galvanic isolation) via software selection.  


32 Channel System.  Each IviCycle comprises 4 x potentiostat modules each comprising 8 x 30mA or 200mA independent potentiostats with EIS.


With up to 10 PalmSens4 modules per mainframe this flexible system also offers optional galvanic isolation (floating operation) per channel.

NEW —PalmSens MultiEmstat4

Multi-channel potentiostat / galvanostat / impedance analyzer.  Current ranges 1 nA to 100mA with max current to 200mA.  EIS to 200kHz.

Multiplexed Solutions

Multiplexers are switches.  A multiplexed solution switches a single potentiostat connections sequentially from cell-to-cell. (Sometimes so quickly that they can be considered “simultaneous” – and so have Polypotentiostat functionality – but with a known inter-channel time lag)

Ivium Multiplexers are available in modules of 8 to 64 independent channels, each with 5 electrodes. Optional electrometer-per-channel for seamless switching.  More here.

PalmSens’s EmstatMUX8-R2 USB-powered potentiostat with integrated multiplexer.

MUX8-R2 USB multiplexer only.  May be used with a range of potentiostats from PalmSens.

PalmSens’s MUX16 This multiplexer allows the usage of a single PalmSens or EmStat Blue with up to 16 electrochemical cells, by switching between the different cells. A great way to raise efficiency

Ivium’s MultiWE32  controls up to 32 WE’s simultaneously vs 1 CE and 1 RE! Designed for low current applications such as nanotechnology sensor development, analytical electrochemistry, biotechnology and medical research.
Requires a compatible Ivium potentiostat.

Ivium Modules & Compatibility

Ivium Module Compatibility Matrix

A Selection of Ivium Modules

Model No Summary Description
Boosters IviumBOOST1001 100V / 0.6A booster.
IviumBOOST205 5A / 20V booster
IviumBOOST1010 10V /10A booster
IviumBOOST10012 100Amp/12V
OctoBOOST16000 16Amps per channel. 128A combined. For use with OctoStat
Multiplexers HiMUX.XR 8 -way mux incorporating electrometer per channel.
uMUX 8-way relay multiplexer
MultiWE32 32-way Multiplexer plus allows up to 32WE's to share a common CE and RE.
MUX64 64 - way relay mux. Contact us for details.
Peripheral Interfacing PPE / PDA Peripheral Port Extenders give access to all peripheral port Inputs and Outputs.
mPDA / sPDA 2-channel versions of the 8-channel PPE and PDA.
TCM-K Connect K-Type thermocouples to compatible Ivium potentiostats.
Peripheral Level Transformer (PLT) Adapter to increase the voltage of the peripheral port inputs and outputs.
Modulight & IVISun Modulatable light sources and sensors for solar cell research.
Communications DataSecure & uDataSecure Enables your potentiostat to run experiments and store data even if your computer fails.
iBLUE Adds BlueTooth to any single channel Ivium potentiostat. Also contains a battery pack for use with pocketSTAT2
Functionality Enhancements Low-Current (LC) Module Adds 3 low noise current ranges to your potentiostat.
Current Interrupt Module (CIM) 5A / 50V Adds hardware current interrupt to an Ivium potentiostat. To +/-5A and 50V. <2us.
Current Interrupt Module 10A In-line module enables current interrupt to 10A and 10V. <2uS.
HiZ High Impedance Module Adds high impedance input. Lowers leakage. >1E15 Ohoms // 0.2pF.
CE-Link Connect 2 or more potentiostats together to form a bipotentiostat or multi -WE potentiostat.

PSM Range of  Frequency Response Analyzer / Impedance Analyzers. 10uHz – 50MHz. 

Use with an electronic load for impedance of batteries, fuel cells and other high currents devices.  

Photo shows the PSM 3750, 10uHz to 50MHz FRA with IAI accessory for component and materials dielectric measurements.