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Cognition Energy Ltd. is a young, Oxfordshire-based company whose founders have a strong background in battery research and innovation. Their flagship CellPods product is supplied in blocks of 4, individually cooled / heated thermal chambers for controlling cell temperature by direct surface contact during cycling and testing.


Individual Thermal Text Fixtures

4 Pods – from around £7,950

8 Pods – from around £13,950

16 Pods – from around £25,950

32 Pods – from around £49,950

Each CellPod is an individual temperature chamber capable of operating between -20C to +70C (now up to +120C with the HT variant). Each includes 5 gradient sensor points, over-current and over-temperature protection and meets EUCAR 4 (for cylindrical cells) or EUCAR 7 (for coin cells). CellPods can accommodate cell sizes including 18650, 21700, 26650, small pouch cells and 2016 & 2032 coin cells with others available upon request. Max continuous current is 15A, cell voltage 5V and contact resistance is typically 1mOhm. Each CellPod can be controlled independently meaning that, unlike a traditional thermal chamber where all the cells share one space, 4 cells on test in one Quad can all be tested at different temperatures at the same time and a cell change over causes no adverse effects on the other cells under test.