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Ivium applies innovative, state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques to produce an unrivalled range of integrated potentiostats/impedance analysers and at low cost.  From ultra low noise, research-grade instruments through multichannel modular systems, to pocket-portable units. Femtoamps to 100Amps, all with EIS, Ivium offers something for almost every application.

Founded as a manufacturer of potentiostats, Ivium has developed innovative systems and software for battery cycler research and especially for those applications requiring simultaneous Impedance (EIS) per cycler channel.  Ivium now offers a broad choice of compatible systems, using a software and suitable for both Electrochemistry and for Battery Cycling with EIS.

New Ivium CompactStat.h: 24 bit measurement, 20-bit generation, high performance, low noise, USB-powered potentiostat with EIS, bipot and true linear scan in a compact package. To 1500mA. 10V to 200V

IviumStat / XR / XRi / XRe: Ivium’s flagship product, IviumStat is a high power & high speed yet low noise and highly sensitive, research instrument.  The IviumStat extends to 40A and 50V via a broad range of modules and multiplexers (256 channels).  The basic unit includes additional I/O suitable for external measurement & control purposes.

PocketSTAT2: Combination potentiostat and FRA in a lightweight palm-portable unit.  

Ivium Vertex: The Vertex range offers an affordable solution for those looking for a potentiostat/galvanostat with optional FRA/EIS and optional I/O port.

Ivium-n-Stat: Modular system. Each module is a functionally independent potentiostat / galvanostat / EIS with current ranges from 1pA to 5A.

NEW!  XP – extended power range of potentiostats.  40Amp/10V and 20Amp/20V without the use of boosters delivery enhanced performance and integral safety interlocks for battery research.  

Octostat 8 channel cycler with EIS per channel.  Available in three models, 30mA, 200mA and 5A,  with 16A booster (to 128A by combining channels.) Internal memory enables cycling to continue even during pc crash.

The  NEW IVICycler 32 channel cycler with EIS per channel joins Alvatek’s broad range of solutions for Battery Research.  Designed to deliver lower cost per channel, IVICycler continues to run without loss of data, even without a pc.

Accessories and Modules: A comprehensive range of multiplexers, boosters, amplifiers, signal conditioning, cables & connectors.

MultiWE32: The MultiWE32 is a multi-potentiostat module that controls up to 32 WE’s simultaneously vs. 1 CE and 1 RE. It is designed especially for applications with low power/current requirements, such as nanotechnology, sensor development, analytical electrochemistry, biotechnology, medical research, etc.