Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell & Battery Research Test Solutions

890e Multi-Range Advanced Fuel Cell Test Loads

Designed for use with fuel cell or stack, the 890e is the latest in the 890 family of versatile, computer-controlled loads.  The 890e integrates a multi-current-range programmable electronic load, fuel flow and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions into a compact 19″ rack-mount or bench-top unit.

The 890e comes with FuelCell® software to form the heart of a fully automated Fuel Cell Test System.


  • 3 current ranges for high measurement accuracy over a wide dynamic range
  • Constant current, voltage, or power control mode
  • Built-in current interrupt cell resistance measurement
  • Whole-cell sense voltage input, plus two additional high-impedance reference electrode inputs
  • Optional internal FRA with real-time high frequency resistance (HFR) capability
  • Connections for Solartron FRA (for models without internal FRA)
  • Simultaneous 3 channel impedance measurement using whole-cell and reference electrode inputs
  • Automatic shutdown in hardware for over-current, under-voltage, over-power, load temperature, and cell temperature alarm conditions
  • Analogue control signals for two main gas mass flow controllers (or MeOH pump) and up to five additional (reformate) mass flow controllers
  • Cell main terminals and sense inputs tolerant of non-isolated cell
  • Internal controllers for anode and cathode humidifier and cell temperatures
  • Analog input/output ports for two main mass flow controllers (or DMFC pump) and up to five additional (reformate) mass flow controllers
  • Low voltage output signal to control purge gas valves and to indicate alarm conditions
  • Contact inputs for three pressure sensors or alarms
  • RS485 digital interface for external temperature controllers
  • Optional interface box for non-integrated fuel system designs
  • Remote operation from IEEE488 (GPIB) interface

For specifications see the 890e data sheet.