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For testing under pressure

The PAT-Cell-Press is a pressure test cell for measuring gas evolution and drawing gas samples (option). Its advanced design includes a laser welded pressure sensor and glass-to-metal seals. The number of non-permanent seals is reduced to its minimum: a single seal between cell lid and base and a ferrule when the cell is ordered with the optional gas sample port.

In order to ensure best testing results, every PAT-Cell-Press is intensively tested for helium leaks.

The PAT-Cell-Press can be operated directly with the PAT-Tester-x and PAT-Tester-i-16 potentiostats. If used with a 3rd party potentiostat, the PAT-Press-Box is required.

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Metal seal mounting kit.

EL-CELL offers metal sealing rings for PAT series test cells for highest demands on cell tightness. This tool kit is designed to ensure the correct installation when using these metal seals. The handy assembly block holds the cell in place, while the torque wrench allows you to close the cell cover with the recommended amount of force.