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NanoCycler Battery Cycler

Coin cell cycler: 8 channel to 200mA

Despite the fact that advanced battery research starts with coin cells, most standard battery cyclers are optimised for testing large cells such as 18650 cells. To meet the need for lower-current, low-cost cycling in the sub-10mA / 100mA region, we are pleased to offer the NanoCycler.  This is developed and manufactured by Nanobase, Inc. for whom Alvatek is now the exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

NanoCycler comes complete with easy-to-use software and provides an affordable cycling solution for battery research.

  • NanoCycler 8 x channel cycler (to 10mA or 200mA per channel)
  • Integrated 8 x coin cell holders.
  • Optional 8-way coin cell extender (eg for temperature chamber tests)
  • General purpose extender with 4mm banana sockets

Manufacturer’s webpage here

Image shows NanoCyler with Optional Extenders.