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Ivium MultiWE32

Turn your Ivium potentiostat into a 32 WE polypotentiostat.

Ivium MultiWE32 works with Ivium potentiostats to extend to 32 simultaneous WEs

Pictured here with the CompactStat potentiostat, the MultiWE32 is a potentiostat module that controls up to 32 WE’s simultaneously vs 1 CE and 1 RE.

It is designed especially for applications with low power/current requirements, such as nanotechnology, sensor development, analytical electrochemistry, biotechnology, medical research, etc.

The MultiWE32 is an add-on module to an Ivium potentiostat. A single unit can control 32 WE’s, but 8 units can be stacked so that 256 WE’s can be operated simultaneously (i.c.w. IviumStat)

    • Operate 32 WE’s sharing a single CE and RE
    • Simultaneous sampling across all channels
    • Up to 10 measurements / second (across 32 channels)
    • > 100kHz Bandwidth
    • Max Current +/- 1mA
    • Max Potential +/- 2V