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Peripheral Port Interfacing (PPE & PDA)

The identical Peripheral Port Expander (PPE) and Peripheral Differential Amplifier (PDA) offer easy connectivity to the D-type connector on the integrated peripheral port included on Ivium potentiostats.  The PPE is a passive interface used purely for easy connection.  The PDA includes floating, high impedance differential inputs suitable for connection to additional electrodes or pH probes, for example.

peripheral port interfacing

Simultaneous measurements on up to 8 analogue inputs are possible as follows:

  • 8 Analogue O/P (0-4V, 16 bit)
  • 2 Analogue I/P (0-4V 16 bit)
  • 2 Dig In.
  • 3 Dig Out
  • AC Out (10uHz to 2MHz, programmable volts)
  • X/Y Inputs (+/-4V)


This provides output and input triggers for synchronisation with external equipment as well as control and measurements.  A voltage converter is also available for 10V.