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Origameter Bench pH-meter

The new OpH218 pH-meter from Origalys is easy to use with an intuitive interface and is excellent for use in teaching laboratories and university research groups.  The Origameter is fully compatible with the, now-defunct, Radiometer pH-meter products.

  • Reliable and fast
  • Easy to use and simple connections
  • USB data transfer to, eg Regresi, ExAo, Excel.
  • Sustainable design is repairable.
  • 5 year warranty.

The OpH218 is available in 4 packages as follows:

  1. Simple Pack: just the pH meter
  2. Calomel Non-combined Pack: Adds one non-combined pH electrode and one Calomel Reference Electrode (SCE) & 2 cables
  3. Ag/AgCl Non-combined Pack: Adds one non-combined pH electrode and one Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode & 2 cables
  4. Combined Pack: Adds one combined pH electrode & 1 cable
The Non-combined pack include reference electrodes only and require a pH electrode to be added.  (see Origalys’ range of pH electrodes in our Shop)
The Combined pack includes a single electrode which combines reference and pH electrode.
The unit accommodates a suitable temperature sensor such as the Origalys Temperature Probe. Alternatively the temperature can be entered manually.

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Specifications OrigaMeter - OpH218
Range of pH measure - 9 to 23 pH
Range of mV measure ± 2000 mV
Range of °C measure - 10°C to 110°C (Manual or automatic correction)
pH resolution ± 0,01 pH
mV resolution ± 0,1 mV
°C resolution ± 0,1 °C
Calibration 1 to 3 buffers
Electrode Acceptance Criteria Slope: 95 to 102 % Zero-pH: 5,80 to 7,50 pH Non-blocking criteria for calibration but genrating a warning message