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PalmSens Electrochemistry Software

PSTrace PC Software

PSTrace software is shipped as standard with the PalmSens, Emstat and EmstatMUX instruments. The software provides support for all techniques and device functionalities. With a smooth simple interface, showing only the applicable controls, PSTrace is suitable for all levels of user experience.

MultiTrace:  Multichannel Software

MultiTrace provides the functionality of PSTrace but for multiple channels simultaneously.  Different measurement techniques can be run on each and every channel, simultaneously and asynchronously. Aternatively identical techniques can be run across multipe channels and both synchronised and also displayed on a single set of axes for comparision purposes.

PSTouch for Android

Use your tablet or smartphone to control your PalmSens or Emstat. PStouch is the first commercially available electrochemistry app and the only one on the market. Download this Android app in the Google Play store to use with your EmStat or PalmSens and you have a portable handheld device that offers you research grade electrochemistry.

Shows 12 simultaneous graphical results each channel running a different technique
MultiTrace running 12 simultaneous experiments
PSTouch App running on tablet and phone