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Scribner Software

ZView® software from Scribner Associates offers best-in-class equivalent circuit modeling.


Fit common circuits instantly, generate publication-quality graphs quickly. ZView® integrates easily with SAI measurement softwares, and supports testing hardware from Solartron, PAR, and others. Increase your data processing efficiency quickly and easily with ZView®.


Circuit Features include:


Click here for the ZView Datasheet


ZView® Supports:

Scribner: ZPlot, Z60, ZPlot•Lab, MultiStat, FuelCell, FlowCell, MMA910 & MMALive, MTS4

Solartron: 1296, SMaRT, CellTest, ModulabCSV

PAR: 378, 388, 398, PowerSuite Export, Versatstat3

Other Formats*: ACM Instruments, Agilent, Autolab, Bio-Logic, Boukamp, CH Instruments, Gamry, Gill AC, HP, Ivium, Maccor, Newtons4th & PSComm2, NovoControl, OrigaLys ElectroChem SAS, PalmSens, Radiometer, Zahner, Zurich Instruments and User Defined

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10